The growth of sport has been accompanied by several challenges. Revenue streams in sport business are evolving and new sources are being introduced to keep streams robust and find new ones.

This can be challenging in an era of globalised sport, which has both positive and negative aspects – while it offers new opportunities for expansion and exposure, it also brings increased competition and complexity. As a result, sports organisations must be prepared to weather economic uncertainty to grow in an ever-changing landscape.

What will be discussed at the Summit?

Crystal Palace Owner Steve Parish and Football Association CEO Mark Bullingham on English football’s rise and rise. What makes for a good sports investment with Arctos’ Alastair Seaman? Plus Angel City FC investor Kara Nortman and Professional Fighters League Founder Donn Davis share their secrets.



In a complex and everchanging environment, a vital strategy is needed for organisations to stay relevant and competitive. Exploring the intersections between sport and entertainment can create experiences that engage fans on multiple levels and forge even stronger consumer connections.

Building events, fanbases and concepts from the ground up can help tap into new audiences and markets and therefore embracing diversification in these ways help sport organisations to continue to grow and evolve over time.

What will be discussed at the Summit?

Where and how sport meets music in the company of Jennifer Hills, Co-MD at Universal Music Group’s Globe. Tapping into Gen Z and Gen Alpha with Magic Star’s Will Speer. And a community-building blueprint from Nextdoor’s Stephanie Lawrence-Shartrand.



The power of fan influence, both new and entrenched, are becoming increasingly important as organisations seek to find ways to harness for mutual benefit. Redefining sponsorship and looking beyond the traditional advertising models are ever important to create meaningful partnerships that benefit both fans and sponsors.

Additionally creators, mash-ups, influencers and manipulation are all part of the really new media landscape that sport organisations must navigate to stay ahead of the curve and grow their fanbase.

What will be discussed at the Summit?

Rita Ferro explains how Disney works with brands. Adam Warner explains how PepsiCo works with sports. And challenging the sponsorship status quo with the likes of E-ON and General Mills.


It goes without saying that impact in sports is a multifaceted issue that not only involves the sport industry, but also society as a whole. It’s important to recognise that there is a shared platform between sport and society which can be used to drive positive change.

This can involve making big sport sustainable and understanding the looming threats or unprecedented opportunities such as AI, datafication, and online worlds. Focusing on impact in these ways can cut through the ever-expanding changes and create a positive future for organisations and the communities they serve.

What will be discussed at the Summit?

Inside Coca Cola’s Artificial Intelligence masterplan. And a first look at sport tech’s next era with TOCA Football and Topgolf’s Erik Anderson.





A key aspect of sport is to focus on finding and retaining the best talent, however this means not only attracting top performers, but creating the right environment for the modern sports workforce to thrive in.

This involves offering opportunities for growth and development, as well as proving supportive and inclusive workplace culture. Organisations investing in their people this way, will build the leaders of tomorrow.

What will be discussed at the Summit?

Strategic thinking in sport with Juventus Chief Marketing Officer Mike Armstrong and Manchester United Chief Operating Officer Collette Roche. Elsewhere, a new generation of executives talk the new generation of sports.




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